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400 Casey Drive
Maumelle, AR
United States


Based on a powerful book written by successful entrepreneur Holt Condren, Surf the Woods helps people and organizations navigate goals more effectively. 


Holt Condren, Jacob Schimmel, and Lee Tuxhorn write about men's issues


Finding Noah Film

Holt Condren

Cast and crew screening of the 2015 upcoming movie documentary Finding Noah

December 18 at the Angelika Theater in Dallas, Holt Condren was reunited with his fellow Ark Search team and 700 other guests for the cast and crew screening of Finding Noah.   

“It’s been exciting to be a part of a team searching for the Ark.  To have our search documented on the big screen brings a sense of closure for me in some ways.  I have pursued this dream for 10 years now, and to see our search presented so magnificently by Brent Baum and the team at 17K is both exciting and humbling.  I watch a lot of movies but never did I think I would be in one.  I find being in a movie a bit amusing.  People joked with me how I was going to be their famous friend.  I walked out of the theater wondering if people would be staring at me, nobody even noticed me.  That’s just the way I like it.”

Keep an eye out in 2015 for the release of the Ark Search documentary Finding Noah.