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Maumelle, AR
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Based on a powerful book written by successful entrepreneur Holt Condren, Surf the Woods helps people and organizations navigate goals more effectively. 


Holt Condren, Jacob Schimmel, and Lee Tuxhorn write about men's issues


Keep on Trudging

Holt Condren

Are you trudging through life?  Every mountain I’ve climbed has what I call the trudge phase.  My spirit of adventure gets me to the foot of the mountain.  My training, preparation, and enthusiasm carries me half way up the mountain.  That’s typically the place where I inevitably hit the trudge phase; the point in the climb where I hate it and want to quit.  My legs are tired, my back hurts, the fun is gone, and I feel weak.  Every step is a physical and metal battle.  My mind battles thoughts like, “It’s not worth it.  This is more of a challenge then you were prepared for.  You could get hurt.  Go ahead and quit.”  We learn as mountaineers to climb through this phase with what’s called the “rest step”.  It’s a slow and steady trudge where we catch our breath with every step

Effective dreamers always have a trudge phase as they climb their God-inspired dreams.  Dreams like having an enriching marriage, parenting well-adjusted kids, and having a life of influence; don’t come without a trudge phase.  God has purpose for the trudge phase.  His purpose is to give us a most precious gift; the gift of character.  The Bible speaks to this in James 1.  It tells us that difficulties produce endurance.  Endurance produces character, and character will carry us up bigger and bigger mountains.

Now when I go to climb a big mountain, I anticipate the trudge phase.  I look up at the mountain and estimate the point where my excitement and enthusiasm for the climb will run out; that point on the mountain where every step will be a battle.  I stare it down and get my mind in the proper place to endure it and eventually trudge through it.  I’ve learned to normalize the trudge phase.  It’s just part of every climb.

Are you trudging through marriage?  Are you trudging through parenting?  Are you trudging through your career?  Life is lived in the trudge phase.  Don’t give up!  You may be trudging, but you’re still climbing higher.  On the other side of the trudge phase there is a mountain top for those that endure.  Sometimes it's a dream accomplished.  Every time it’s a character that’s refined.  Normalize the trudge phase and climb higher with life.