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400 Casey Drive
Maumelle, AR
United States


Based on a powerful book written by successful entrepreneur Holt Condren, Surf the Woods helps people and organizations navigate goals more effectively. 


Holt Condren, Jacob Schimmel, and Lee Tuxhorn write about men's issues


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Finding Noah in stores March 1

Holt Condren

Preorder Finding Noah  - Winner Best Documentary at 2015 Sun & Sand Film Festival

Preorder Finding Noah - Winner Best Documentary at 2015 Sun & Sand Film Festival

For over 2,000 years, man has been searching for the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. Though there have been many attempts, few have been able to fully explore the one place specifically noted in the Bible: Mount Ararat. Located in Eastern Turkey, Agri Dagh or “The Painful Mountain” is the tallest mountain in the region and lies in the very center of a centuries old, geo-politically unstable hot spot. With constant threats of deadly rock slides, hidden crevasses, and glacial ice falls, the Kurdish Rebel held mountain poses great risk to any explorer, let alone those performing a thorough scientific investigation.

Join director/producer Brent Baum and the FINDING NOAH film crew as they follow an expedition of intrepid explorers on a perilous trek up to Mt. Ararat’s desolate summit. There, using state of the art technology and real-time satellite imagery, this team of archeologists, scientists and professional mountaineers will begin a grid work of exploration unlike any before, hoping to finally resolve the age-old question: did Noah and his Ark actually exist?

Shot in never-before filmed locations and in the harshest of conditions, this unprecedented feature-length documentary shows just how far men are willing to go to discover the truth. Narrated by Academy Award nominee Gary Sinise, FINDING NOAH is more than a quest for answers, it is a testament of the human spirit, where belief and the need for exploration transcend risk and limitation.

Mountaineer Holt Condren exploring Mount Ararat with fellow explorer Kevin DeVries

Mountaineer Holt Condren exploring Mount Ararat with fellow explorer Kevin DeVries

The Trail to Unstuck Starts Here

Holt Condren

Maintaining momentum is a crucial element for navigating this ambitious life connected to Christ.  From time to time I find myself stuck with little momentum.  Life begins to feel mundane and no longer fulfilling.  When this happens, I've come to realize this as a sign that I am no longer exercising faith and have instead settled into "doing what comes easy".  When I settle into the "doing what comes easy" lifestyle; discontentment, discouragement, and depression soon follow.  Are you discontented with your life?  Do you need to get unstuck and back on trail to the extra-ordinary life that God created you for.  Try this.

Ask yourself, "What do I not want to do today that I know I really ought to do?"  Whatever comes to mind, make that your priority that day.  And the next day, do the same.  And the next day, do the same; and on and on and on.  It will normally require some kind of courage, faith, or determination.  As a Christian, when we do what we really don't want to do we are actually exercising faith in a very practical way.  The battle against laziness and fear is a battle we all face.  The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6, that without faith it is impossible to please God.  Faith takes courage and determination.  Are you regularly exercising both courage and determination as you navigate through life?

The trail to unstuck starts here.  Make it a priority each day to act on the answer to the question, "What do I not want to do today that I know I really ought to do?"