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Based on a powerful book written by successful entrepreneur Holt Condren, Surf the Woods helps people and organizations navigate goals more effectively. 


Holt Condren, Jacob Schimmel, and Lee Tuxhorn write about men's issues


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Holt Condren

Except from Chapter 5 – Surf the Woods

Holt Condren, Kurt Warner and Scott Masters.

Holt Condren, Kurt Warner and Scott Masters.

As you walk along your dream journey focusing on the next small step, occasionally a bold step will naturally present itself.  All your previous small steps will lead you to this ambitious moment.  Taking another small step will seem out of order.  It is a bold step that is needed.  These are the critical moments that you have to seize.  I have found these to be God ordained, and they tend to require faith in order to accomplish them.  It is the small steps that set the pace for moving your dream along effectively.  But it is the bold steps that open the curtain to new vistas for accelerated progress.  Don’t try and execute around them.  Seize them!

Several years ago I had started a small line of Christian apparel called CrossEyed Wear.  We had placed the line in Christian bookstores across the country and were seeing limited success.  One night as my business partner was watching ESPN, the starting quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, Kurt Warner, was being interviewed.   My business partner, Scott, noticed that Kurt Warner was wearing a CrossEyed t-shirt during the interview.  When he came to work the next day, he told me all about it.  I decided to take a small step towards the opportunity by finding out the mailing address of the St. Louis Rams field house.  After a quick search online, I had the address.  It was a bold-step moment.  I needed to get in contact with Kurt Warner.  What better way to help promote my Christian line of apparel than to have Kurt Warner wearing it?

I grabbed a handful of CrossEyed t-shirts and sent them Next Day Air to the St. Louis Rams field house.  I enclosed a letter thanking him for wearing our product and gave him my contact information.  It was the next logical step in pursuit of my goal, and it was also a bold step.  The next day I was helping in the warehouse when a page came across the intercom.  “Holt, Kurt Warner is on line 1.”  I wondered if this was a joke.  Fear gripped me as I readied myself to pick up the phone.  What does a guy who runs a t-shirt business say to a star quarterback of the NFL?  I picked up the phone, and it actually was Kurt Warner on the other end of the line.  We had a great conversation in which he happily agreed to help me promote CrossEyed Wear.  It was the beginning of a fun association that I will never forget.

If you are truly walking the path to the dream God has for you, you won’t have to try and invent these moments.  God will present them in His timing.  Just stay committed to focusing on the next small step in order to maintain momentum.  Pray for God to help you see clearly the bold steps as He presents them.  And pray for the courage to walk boldly into those moments.