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400 Casey Drive
Maumelle, AR
United States


Based on a powerful book written by successful entrepreneur Holt Condren, Surf the Woods helps people and organizations navigate goals more effectively. 



Recommended by NFL Superbowl winning quarterback Kurt Warner, and Raising a Modern-Day Knight author Robert Lewis

Holt Condren is a man’s man: explorer, risk taker, big adventurer, successful entrepreneur, and failure – that’s right, you can’t be a man’s man without failure along the way. But what really makes Holt exceptional is his gift for helping men discover a bigger, better, more God-inspired life for themselves.
— Robert Lewis, Author and Founder of Men's Fraternity
I have known Holt for over 10 years, and he is a walking, talking, living example of the timeless principles he unpacks in this powerful book. By applying these truths to your life, you will revolutionize the way you live.
— Dan Britton, Executive Vice President of Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Author
Holt Condren is passionate about helping men push through their frustrations and failures to discover the adventure that God has created for them. Whether it is through his writing or his public speaking, I think you will discover that Holt truly connects with men’s hearts and communicates God’s truth in a powerful way.
— Rick Caldwell, Director of Authentic Manhood/Men’s Fraternity
After spending a short time with Holt (Condren) it became clear his determination and dedication to his faith, family and employees. He speaks with passion and is easily understood. While speaking to our management at 10 Fitness the positive feedback was overwhelming. The ah-ha moments he inspired continue to filter through our organization today.
— Leo Hawkins, Corporate Sales Manager, 10 Fitness
Everyone longs to play their part in the great adventure. Surf the Woods has been developed by a man who is living life courageously, biblically, and fully. Holt Condren has a unique gift to challenge with biblical truth and life stories. It would be impossible for me to express how highly I recommend Holt Condren and Surf the Woods to you. God has developed, broken, molded, and shaped Holt in remarkable ways to be a powerful tool in His hands.
— Bill Elliff, Pastor, Summit Church, North Little Rock, AR
Holt Condren captivated the audience of over 2,000 in attendance as our keynote speaker. He wove together his experience as an adventurer with his love for and value of the Bible, God’s guidebook. Holt presented to us a gripping personal saga that pointed us all to look to the only trail Guide, the Lord Jesus. I heard from many, both student and parent alike, that this keynote address was by far the most meaningful they’ve heard in years. It was our privilege to have Holt Condren as our keynote speaker.
— Erin Hutchins, Co-Sponsor of the 2014 HomeEd High School graduation
I have used Holt to speak to our senior adult men. I can honestly say I have never heard a better challenge. Not only were our men impressed with his search for the Ark, but they were equally impressed with the life lessons he shared. God is never finished with us and Holt helped our men to believe that and live that out.
— Max Pyron, Senior Adult Pastor, Geyer Springs FBC, Little Rock, AR